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Galvanizing Tanks

We are one of the prominent manufacture of a comprehensive range of high quality Galvanizing tanks that is highly demanded by the clients over the globe. Products including industrial tanks, pickling tanks, galvanizing tanks and galvanizing baths are designed and engineered by experience engineers in accordance with international quality standards ISO and specifications, using high grade raw material and tested components. We also assured safely use of products with maximum replacement guarantee. Galvanizing tank is the one of the famous manufacturing product which were used in the big companies and industries. It is the manufactures of the complete collection of high quality of galvanizing tanks. This is the highly demanded in the worldwide. So many clients are the used tanks for their industries.

Galvanizing tank is made in high quality of raw materials, chemicals and also experienced engineers contribute their best. Industrial storage tanks made from the tested polyethylene, tanks are normally used for the applications such as, sulphuric acid, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, citric acid, soaps and detergents, motor grease and water. Industrial tanks and galvanizing tanks accessories are manufactured to the maximum standards and are used in various markets and applications. Industrial tank is useful for the chemicals storage, water storage, chemical supply tanks, and process mix tanks. Manufacturers of pickling tanks, galvanizing tanks, pretreatment tanks and galvanizing baths are mostly used in petro chemicals industries, sugar industry, oil industries, construction sites and chemical industries.

Pickling Tanks

All pre-treatment tanks are made of the same design and consist of a solid steel construction with Industrial Plastic. The tanks are designed to a minimum deflection when fully loaded. Each tank is designed to stand free.

The total draining is possible without affecting the proximate tanks.

In our excellent quality range of products, Our organization is manufacturing and supplying pickling tanks to the industry of India and abroad. This tank is mostly used for various industrial purposes. The tank is fabricated as per the requirement of our clients. Pickling tanks are offered by us since 1962 with assured quality and safety. Pickling tank is better known for its unique features like: * Rigid construction * Standard quality * Longer service life.

Pickling Tanks
Pickling Tanks
Pickling Tanks
Pickling Tanks

Rectangular Tanks

We are a complete solution provider in storage tanks and thus have available with us all types of storage tanks and other similar storage tanks in the offering which also include Rectangular tanks without MS structure. We have a conclusive range of rectangular tanks in the offering, enabling clients to get the rectangular tank which best meet their requirements.

Rectangular Industrial Tanks
Rectangular Industrial Tanks
Rectangular Industrial Tanks

Circular Tanks

We are engaged in offering a highly demanded range of Circular Holding Tanks. This range of Tanks is manufactured by us in varied specifications of sizes and capacities.

Circular Industrial Tanks
Circular Industrial Tanks
Circular Industrial Tanks

Pretreatment Tanks

Pretreatment tanks are offered by us since 1962 with service warranty and replacement guarantee. The process of cleaning, painting and curing of a product has environmental & safety issues to consider. In the coating or painting industries there will be disposal of solid waste in the form of heavy metals, pigments and liquid waste that contains some solvents, burnt fuel gas and solvent vapors where the water will be the carrying medium. The process of cleaning, painting and curing of a products including industrial tanks, pretreatment tanks, pickling tanks, galvanizing tanks and galvanizing baths.
We had an ongoing tie-up with Gerhard Weber Kunststoff-Verarbitung GMBH Germany.

The galvanizing industry PX-96-CR tanks consist of 30 mm PX-96-CR lining, depending on the requirements, and a steel reinforcement as static element in addition to an 8 mm PX-96-CR exterior cladding. The lining and the exterior cladding are welded together and hermetically sealed. This excludes the possibility of the steel reinforcement being attacked by aggressive mediums.

  • The advantages of a PX-100-CR tank versus a FRP lined steel tank are obvious:
  • No loss of bonding (different thermal expansion coefficient of FRP and mild steel makes the fibreglass loose bonding)
  • 30mm inner wall thickness (FRP lining is 3mm thick only)
  • Thermal loss is much less (mild steel has no thermal insulation property)
  • No absorption (liquids gets absorbed into the FRP lining)
  • Almost unlimited operating time (FRP tanks got short time to maintenance)
  • The advantages of a PX-100-CR tank versus an acid proof brick/tiles tank are:
  • Inner wall is totally sealed (tiles and bricks are porous)
  • No unknown and unspecified material used (joint material is not specified)
  • Welding seams are conducted by machines (tiles/bricks joints done manually)
  • Easy leakage detection and location (almost impossible to detect leakages with a tiled tank)
  • As inner tank is made out of one material only thermal expansion won’t be a problem (joints get damaged by different thermal expansion of tiles/bricks and joint material)
  • Pretreatment tanks are movable (a tiled/bricks tank cannot be moved or relocated)
  • The Advantages of PX-96-CR tanks versus PX-PP tanks:
  • Advantages Polyethylene (PX-96-CR) 100-RC versus Polypropylene (PX-PP) Copolymer:
  • The chemical resistance of Polypropylene Copolymer is equal to Polypropylene Homo-polymer.
  • The stability against hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid of PX-96-CR is almost twice than it is with PX-PP
  • That means, if we calculate the statics of a pre-treatment tank we have to multiply the calculated wall thickness by the reduction ratio.
  • A pre-treatment tank with the same static properties are made (out of this type of PX-96-CR) made out of PX-PP actually must have a wall thickness much higher for PX-PP for a PX-96-CR tanks of similar strength/life.
  • Features:
  • Our business activities focus on the conceptual design and implementation for the pretreatment process in hot-dip galvanizing plants.
  • Our rectangular tanks, customized according to the application, stand for a long life span and operating safety.
  • Diverse tank types meet the demands of the special spectrum of containers required for hot-dip galvanizing plants.
  • Possible formats are:
  • PX-96-CR lining / steel reinforcement/ PX-96-CR exterior cladding
  • PX-PP lining / steel reinforcement / PX-PP exterior cladding
  • PX-96-CR lining / steel reinforcement / GRP exterior cladding
  • PX-PP lining / steel reinforcement / GRP exterior cladding
  • Our tanks are employed as baths for:
  • Degreasing   Fluxing
  • Pickling   After treatment
  • Stripping   Quenching
  • Rinsing   Passivisation
Heating for Pretreatment Tanks
Compact constructed heat exchangers are employed to heat the individual bath. These are mounted onto the front side of the per-treatment tanks and connected to the on site hot water supply. This can be dismantled quick in order to service and cleaning work. The construction heat exchanger plate avails of the natural physical circulation of the medium which is to be heated. Due to the normal immersion procedure of the process, a recirculation or additional bathing is not required. This heat exchanger system is suitable for all mediums employed in the pretreatment plant.

In calculating the heat requirements galvanizing industry, we use water with a how temperature of 90°c as a heat transfer medium if other temperatures in the pre-treatment process are necessary. The dimensioning occurs according to the customer's demand and requirements. If required, each heat exchanger module can be equipped with a heat circulation unit containing a flow and run back system.
  • Features of pretreatment tanks
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Tunnel enclosure and suction cleaning of the plant
  • Refurbishment
  • Acid management
  • Maintenance
  • Exhaust air management

Pretreatment Tanks
Pretreatment Tanks
Pretreatment Tanks

Galvanizing Baths

Galvanizing baths are as well-known manufacturing product which is used in huge companies as well as industries. It is the companies from there comprehensive assortment of the excellent of Galvanising baths. Galvanising baths can be the extremely demanded within the globally. A lot of customers are classified as the utilized their baths for the industrial sectors. Galvanizing baths along with the workings are constructed on the maximum standard and also they are employed in various marketplaces as well as their programs. Galvanizing baths are classified as the handy for the uses of their chemical substances storage, mineral water storage, chemical substance supply tanks, along with their course of action combine tanks. Galvanising baths are the using into the huge chemical industries, they are using as this galvanizing bath like a tanks and containers.

Galvanizing Baths
Galvanizing Baths
Galvanizing Baths