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Galvanizing Furnaces

We have collaborated with Hasco Thermic UK who specialize in Galvanizing furnaces and galvanizing kettle have supplied over 250 Galvanising furnaces worldwide including L & T in India.

Precimax-Hasco is pioneers of the pulse-fired, high velocity system giving high fuel efficiency with low, even kettle wear. State of the art centralized PLC control option, especially applicable to automatic plants, with integration of all product options. Manufactured by Precimax in collaboration with Hasco Thermic Ltd, UK. Galvanizing kettle is offered by Precimax having multiple features including long lasting and energy efficient. Galvanizing kettle is supplied since 1962 with perfect use and low maintenance costs.

Galvanizing kettle offerd by us with certified components and ISO standards to the industry of India and abroad. We provide full service guarantee and support since skilled staffs are available 24x7 for any kind of help regarding the galvanizing kettle. Galvanizing furnances by us is used in the industry with the perfect service with multiple features.

Galvanizing furnace is the mainly fuel productive maintenance free furnace in the industry. The galvanizing furnaces are already earning a living for a with regard to over twenty years. Installing is easy, in addition to servicing price will be reduced its give small maintenance cost and also fully automatic constraint. Short production level, quick temperature reply, Choice of organizes system, quick equipment these are features of Galvanising furnaces. This equipment is provided more than 250 Galvanizing furnaces worldwide involved L & T in India. Large speed ending fired central heater technologies with gas and maybe oil fired options offer trusted services at the small preliminary price tag along with a really low upkeep price tag.

Galvanizing furnaces
Galvanizing furnaces Precimax

*   Custom design using latest CAD systems
*   Fully automatic damper
*   Rapid temperature response
*   Superheat provision
*   Low emission levels
*   Low maintenance cost
*   Choice of control systems
*   Rapid installation.