Hearth Furnace

Manufacturer and exporter of Hearth furnace, drop bottom furnaces, reheating furnace and roller hearth furnaces with reasonable and flexible price, best services and one year guarantee. We are manufacturing ccordance ISO standards using high grade raw material and tested components and supplying Equipments for galvanizing industry. Our product range also comprises of Equipment for galvanizing industry, Equipment for steel industries and Equipment for aluminium industries. Operating since 1962 to over more than 600 clients of the world with good feedbacks. For more inquiries, please see the testimonials.

We prefer very simple and professional process to assist our clients of India and outside India. Hearth furnace are widely applied across numerous industries for carrying out different vital applications related to the heating procedure. It cuts down fuel consumption and ensures maximum yield. Precimax has a team of engineers and professionals to engineering and providing a full range of Hearth furnace, drop bottom furnaces, reheating furnace and roller hearth Furnaces which are recognized for being precision engineered and high functioning.

Hearth furnace is the number of kinds which the furnace wherever excess carbon and extra impurities are burnt out of the pig iron to manufacture steel. Hearth furnace process is like the batch process is called as heat. The furnace is the first examination of the possible damage. This is the process to operate a design and created the highest quality plates with very tight temperature regularity. Hearth furnace is formation steel in which the steel is put on a shallow hearth and flames of burning gas and hot air play over it. Hearth furnaces are can be used in the batch melting of non ferrous metals. The hearth can be heated by together electric and natural gas methods. Roller hearth Furnaces is difficult toward manufactures due to its high melting point then the standard fuel and furnace were insufficient and the open reheating furnace was increasing to overcome this difficulties.

Roller Hearth Furnaces

Constant hearth speed provided by these furnaces means uniform processing work with trays or continuous loads. Complete installations are supplied with various sizes and pitches of rollers centrifugally cast from high alloy steels. Roller Hearth Furnaces are best suited for heat treatment, tube, pipe and automobile industries. Electrically- heated, oil or gas-fired, these furnaces are available in temperatures ranging from 600°C to 1200°C with or without controlled atmosphere, and 500 mm wide by 5 m long, up to 2000 mm wide by 15 m long, complete with charge and discharge tables, drives, control panel, instruments etc.

Drop Bottom Furnaces

These type of furnaces have a high reputation in the industry for solution heat treating aluminium and fast quench to the most rigorous specifications that exist. This is due to rigorous engineering standards. Many options are available to customize the furnaces for your operation.

Hearth furnace